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We are a vibrant archery club that has been promoting the sport of archery in Saskatoon and surrounding area since 1998. Our club offers an opportunity to develop archery skills, promote physical fitness and form life-long friendships. We have both an Adult Program and a Junior Olympic Program (JOP) for youth. Our club has an indoor and outdoor range, and we offer coaching for different styles of archery such as target, field, and 3D. The archery club is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who are committed and enthusiastic about helping youth and adults to develop their archery skills. In addition to supporting the people within the Straight Shooters Archery Club, our volunteers have been instrumental in promoting the sport of archery to external organizations such as the White Buffalo Youth Centre. Our coaches helped the centre to set up their archery program, train coaches and program directors, and coach the youth. Also, we are proud supporters of the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) which some of our youth athletes compete in.

The pride of our club is our youth program. Our JOP archers shoot on a weekly basis and compete at invitational tournaments throughout the year. Many of our athletes have competed at the provincial and national levels. Whether these archers are focused on learning to compete or bringing home a badge or a medal, we are always there to support and celebrate their success. Archery can be enjoyed at any age, and we are excited to watch our youth develop their skills and passion for this fun sport.

Saskatoon Straight Shooters is about:

To act as a regulating body for competition;

To work co-operatively with other organizations with similar goals;

To promote the understanding and appreciation of archery in Saskatchewan youth through the Junior Olympic Program (JOP);

To promote and advance the use of archery as a legal and ethical way to hunt in Saskatchewan.

Our Archery Programs:

Read all about our Archery programs for all ages, from our Junior Olympic Program (JOP) to our Indoor Adult Leagues as well as our Spring & Summer programs.

Events Calendar

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