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About the Club

The goal of the Saskatoon Straight Shooters is many-fold:

  1. To act as a regulating body for competition;
  2. To work co-operatively with other organizations with similar goals;
  3. To promote physical and mental wellness in Saskatchewan residents;
  4. To promote the understanding and appreciation of archery in Saskatchewan youth through the Junior Olympic Program (JOP);
  5. To promote and advance the use of archery as a legal and ethical way to hunt in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatoon Straight Shooters Archery Club was formed in 2000 to help meet the increasing interest in the sport of archery in Saskatoon. Before the club was formed, people who were interested in archery had to travel to other communities in order to pursue this sport.

Our club is a family oriented club and encourages the participation of people of all ages and abilities. As such, our growing membership varies widely by age and ability.

We are registered with the Saskatchewan Archery Association (SAA) and the Federation of Canadian Archers (FCA).

  • Sanctioned by the Saskatchewan Archery Association (SAA) and the Federation of Canadian Archers (FCA).
  • Adult and youth programs - All skill levels welcome
  • Tournaments and social activities
  • Junior Olympic Program Instruction
  • Basic and Intermediate Instruction and clinics
  • Novice equipment provided
  • Bow Tuning Equipment and Clinics
  • Outdoor 3-D competitions

Download a copy of the Saskatoon Straight Shooters Constitution

Download a copy of the Saskatoon Straight Shooters 2016 AGM Minutes


Adult Membership - $400 (includes Straight Shooters membership, Saskatoon Wildlife Federation membership & range use, & SAA membership). 

Club Night Only Membership - $275 (For Adults 18 years + (shoot on club nights and organized events ONLY)) 

Junior Olympic Program - $300 (includes Straight Shooters membership, Saskatoon Wildlife Federation membership & range use, SAA membership, and 1 t-shirt for JOP). 

The JOP program runs on Sundays at the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation indoor ranges. The 10 meter archers shoot from 10:00-11:30 am and the 15 & 18 meter archers shoot from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. There is a short, weekly parent meeting at 11:30 am every Sunday for announcements and to hand out badges etc. It is important that everyone in the JOP program try to attend these meetings. The JOP schedule is subject to change according to necessity as archers advance. 

Club membership gives you access to club equipment ie: the good target butts, archery room, Bow press, scale, chronograph etc. You can download a membership form on this page: Membership Forms


Archery Members are entitled to the indoor range from 7am to 10pm when not in use. (See schedule in hallway at Saskatoon Wildlife Federation or online at Range Schedule Calendar 

The Junior Olympic Program runs on Sundays between 10:00am-1:00pm  

Adult Fun League night runs on Thursdays between 7:00 and 9:00pm during fall and winter, after hunting season. We take a break during the summer months.

Saturday nights are available for advanced shooters as well as our Mail Match program.

Click here for the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation Range Schedule page. 


1. Must be a member in good standing of the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation, and paid proper additional fees to qualify for range usage.

2. A member may bring a guest with guest pass only, available from the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation.

3. Upon entering the range for usage:

a) Ensure the "In Use" light is turned on

b) Ensure the door is closed

4. Range Safety

a) No alcohol or persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol allowed.

b) NO bow is to be partly or fully drawn back with a nocked arrow unless on the shooting line and must be pointed downrange at all times.

c) In the event that two or more people are using the same range, one person must be designated, and act as the Range Officer, and ensure that all shooting is safely managed with typical range commands: e.g. "Archers to the Line", "Ready on the Line", "Shoot when ready", "The line is safe", "You may go forward and check your targets, retrieve your arrows"

d) No shooting into walls, ceiling, baffles, or anywhere other than at the central area of the backstop.

5. Equipment

- Archery Butts/ Backstops

- All equipment is stored in the storage room on the right side and must be put back where they belong after use.

- Broadheads are not allowed on any of the backstops. If you would like to use broadheads, you must bring your own target/ backstop designed for broadhead use!

- Please clean up after yourself, this includes sweeping the floor!

Any abuses may result in immediate revocation of membership