Straight Shooters Archery Club Saskatoon

Did you know?

Stone arrowheads over 50,000 years old have been found in Africa

Archery has been used by nearly every society on the earth

There are many occasions when archery has changed the course of history.

Archery Develops:

  • motor and spatial awareness
  • participation in a physical activity
  • exhibits and promotes physically healthy lifestyle
  • an understanding of the social and personal responsibility of safe archery
  • an appreciation for the environment

The goal of the Saskatoon Straight Shooters is many-fold:

  1. To act as a regulating body for competition;
  2. To work co-operatively with other organizations with similar goals;
  3. To promote physical and mental wellness in Saskatchewan residents;
  4. To promote the understanding and appreciation of archery in Saskatchewan youth through the Junior Olympic Program (JOP);
  5. To promote and advance the use of archery as a legal and ethical way to hunt in Saskatchewan.

Types of Archery To Get Involved In:

Target Archery

"Target Archery" is when a series of arrows are shot at a target (attached to a backstop called a "butt") on a flat field. How many arrows and at what distances they are shot from are determined by what type of "shoot" that the archer is competing in. Normally 3 or 6 arrows are shot, depending on the type of shoot and distances, then the scores are tallied.

Field Archery

Competitive field archery takes place in groups of 4 where you walk a marked course in wooden or open landscape. The arrows are still shot into the "butts", however the size and type of the targets differ from target archery and the scoring is different as well. Depending on your age and equipment category, each butt is shot at differing distances and also uphill, downhill or over streams, making the field course a little more challenging than target shooting. Field Archery is great for archers that are looking to get some exercise and have some variety in their shooting.

3-D Archery

3-D archery is one of North America's fastest growing sports. 3-D archery consists of shooting 3 dimensional foam animals at unknown distances. The scoring is dependant on where your arrow strikes these foam animals. Originally developed for hunting practice it's now shot by many non hunters due to its competitive nature.